Michelle Bracci, CPT



BS Exercise Science, UMass Lowell, 2014



NASM Certified Trainer

NASM Weight Loss Specialist

Motivation for Fitness:

Michelle interned at the YMCA in Lowell, MA her senior year of college. This experience of training clients one on one and also small groups sparked her interest further in the field. After graduation she went on to begin working as a Personal Trainer at the Edge Fitness Clubs in Meriden. Here she gained experience training individuals of all ages with different goals and backgrounds. Also, she led large group training classes focused on building up a foundation of strength in beginners and seniors. Currently, she is also working as a Physical Therapy Aide so she has a lot of confidence in providing exercises to people with limitations or who have past and/or current injuries. Michelle has the passion to push people to be the better version of themselves and to instill confidence in others.


I love to stay active so anything where I’m moving especially outdoors is for me. Hiking, playing tennis, kayaking, running, and yoga are just some of my favorite things to do. I may not look like I’ve ever done this before but I also played rugby in college. It was a great experience because it definitely toughened me up a lot and made me a stronger person. Fitness is also a huge part of my life. Believe it or not I didn’t really get into strength training until the end of my college career. But then I finally started practicing what I preached and I’ll never look back. Michelle specializes in training weight loss clients.

Health Related Quote:

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”