Personal Training

Excel Fitness offers one-on-one personal training with highly educated and health conscious training staff. With registration, we utilize nutritional and diet software for tracking clients’ diet, exercise, and personal goals. You will learn to use  most modern equipment and elevate your personal fitness level for a safe, effective, and motivating exercise session. At Excel Fitness, we provide an enthusiastic attitude and energized environment devoted to the customers’ needs and their long-term and short-term goals.

We will record the initial evaluation followed by additional re-evaluations every 4-6 weeks to measure the clients’ success and adjust program to ensure continued positive health changes.

Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Excel Fitness certified personal trainers and learn how to maximize your fitness potential with a custom designed exercise routine specifically tailored to your goals and aspirations! 

Rates are shown in 60 Minute sessions, can be converted to 30 minutes at the corresponding package rate.

Small Group Training

Want to have all the benefits of one on one training for half the cost? Small Group Training consists of 1 hour sessions with 3-5 individuals who are at similar fitness levels. Cost effective, team building and fun are some of the reasons to start! Try a class for free to see how you like it, what could be better?

 In-home Personal Training and Massage Therapy Rates: 


$100/hour with purchase of 10+ sessions

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