Nutrition Coaching

For more comprehensive wellness options, Excel Fitness offers periodic Nutritional Counseling because health is SO much more than exercise.


For example: You’re working your butt off in the gym and eating well but you’re still not satisfied with your progress or reaching your goals. Or, you know what you should be eating but can’t quite put it all together to in a sensible lifestyle plan. This is where the Fitness Coaches come in.


Body Composition Analysis


We understand that your health is impacted by so many factors including food, environment, family, stress, and the dizzying amount of information we are flooded with around food and lifestyle. With the help of our DietMaster software, which is continuously updated by Certified Nutritionists, our Fitness Coaches provide counseling that are individualized to each client based on their current body fat and lean masses, age, sex, current activity levels, projected frequency of exercise and of course their goals and nutrition preferences.  Meal plans, body measurements, fitness assessments and health tips are included in all personal training program purchases.  These tools help the Fitness Coaches objectively measure your needs, progress in the program which will help guide and motivate you to successful, healthy, balanced way of life.

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