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We know you have many fitness options to chose from, that’s why we created Excel Fitness.  Excel is a blend of having all of the equipment you need and want, like at the big box gyms but none of the waiting or judgment.  We give you all the exercise variety like the boot camp style classes in the area but with plenty of room to move around and more one on one attention.  All in a clean, socially distant capable and climate controlled area. We respect your age (free weekly senior classes and insurance programs available) and any limitations or injuries you are overcoming. We work with many Physical Therapist in the area and can pick up where your pt left off.  No matter where you are starting from, all that matters is that you start, stay consistent, don’t get injured and get better.

Check out the links to actually reviews, our combined average is over 4.8/5.0 (as of 7/2020) on Google, Yelp and Facebook. Here’s what our members and clients have to say about their experience at Excel Fitness:

We have been members now for over a year and the team at Excel delivers on every level — the facility is always clean, the staff is welcoming, and the personal trainers are extremely knowledgeable and motivating.

It is more of a “club” type atmosphere and in my opinion the most bang for the buck in the Hartford area!

-Jason W., West Hartford, CT

This place is excellent! For a reasonable price, they provide excellent customized training programs that’s suits your individual needs. Zac goes the distant in trying to understand your requirements and making sure you are challenged and motivated.

-Suren A., West Hartford, CT

I am perplexed as to if I really want to write a review on this company. It’s like Central CT’s best kept secret for gyms!

I had no idea the saga of finding a gym in CT was going to be as long as mine was. I checked out a few, but between the crazy start-up fees, very expensive monthly membership and the feeling of being a rat in a hamster wheel based on many gyms’ size and how their equipment is arranged in the room, I was unimpressed and intimidated.

I tried this place because I was living here for a temporary time, and I was able to combine the yelp deal they had at the time WITH their 2 week trial membership…so 6 weeks for $25?? Sure! I ended up staying longer than 6 weeks, and they let you do month-to-month without gouging you for not signing a yearly contract and no heinous “start-up fees” I see so many gyms require. (srsly, what’s up with that) ($45/mo no contract, $35/mo with)

This place feels like someone’s basement gym (in the best possible way) No annoying gym rats narcissistically watching themselves flex in the mirrors, no “motivational” messages plastered throughout just to give you the worst self-body image projections. In fact, pretty sure there is a picture of Marilyn Monroe lifting, which is fantastic. Also, all of their equipment is super new and clean!

I never took advantage of their personal trainers, but tons of people do…people of all sizes and ages and ability levels, from the person with a new resolution to begin working out, to the fit athlete, to adorable couples in their 80’s that make it their Saturday morning routine. Everyone is super friendly and it really feels like a gym for everyone and I absolutely love that.

Social Responsibility: As a bonus, I LOVE their random fundraisers they support. They always have a collection bin for old sneakers for Africa, and in the winter they had a hat and coat drive for a local organization. Most recently, there was a pledge fundraiser for one of the members at the gym heading over to Kenya to do volunteer work. In no way do you feel obligated to partake…it’s just posters set up in the lobby and you can take the initiative to donate if you’d like. Great to see company’s involved in their communities; local and global!

Con: Their hours aren’t the best for the busy working professional, but if you’re a morning exerciser, it won’t be a problem as they open super early. For me and my flexible work-from-home schedule, it also was no problem. BUT, they close pretty early and have pretty scarce weekend hrs which could be a turn-off for some.

Overall, I’m sad I’m leaving and will have to begin the gym hunt again! I’m not sure I will ever be quite as satisfied as I was here!

-Chelsea A., New Britain, CT

I moved to this area in 2012. It took awhile to find a place that suited me. Convenient, clean, good equipment, nice people, excellent trainers. Nice neighborhood feeling… Jeff and Ilicia do a great job!

-S. H., West Hartford, CT

I had attended this gym in the past.  My gym membership hovered around $20.00.  I have a close friend who has been a dedicated member of Excel for the past few years now and he shares nothing but good things about the training provided.  Aside from this the gym is as follows:

-Extremely clean
-Equipment needed to obtain a good workout is available and at your disposal.
-Most of the equipment is new and up to date.
-Friendly and courteous staff.
-Its a neighborhood gym and not a chain.
-Its predominantly a training gym, i.e. one on one attention.
-Minimal crowds and relaxed atmosphere.
-Good amount of parking available.

I don’t remember if they offer any specialty classes, but again the training sessions are what they do best.  You will receive individual attention if that’s what you seek.

I would recommend giving it a shot.

-Steven T., East Hartford, CT

Zac Brazalovich is does an exceptional job of personal training tailoring the work-out to the client. He pushes me to my limits and encourages me along the way. If you are motivated, hard working and want to take your fitness to the next level, Zac is definitely the person to get you there.

Nick N., West Hartford, CT

I left the big box gyms and gave Excel a try without any regrets. Although it’s a smaller gym, it’s very well equipped with machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. And the staff is extremely attentive–they actually give personal service without your having to ask for it.

It’s not crowded with grunting muscle heads, it’s clean, and other members are friendly and respectful.

Personal training is outstanding. I’ve worked with two different Excel trainers who put me in the best shape of my life. No question. Highly recommended.

-S.H., Hartford, CT

I have been a member of Excel Fitness for a year now and am pleased with my results, thanks to Zac and Ilicia. Thanks to these folks, I lost weight and increased my fitness level and overall physical appearance.  I’m back with new goals for this summer and I’m so excited to be working one-on-one with Zac.  I especially appreciate that Excel Fitness opens early in the morning and that it’s not crowded; I can work out with Zac or on my own and never have to wait for equipment.

-James M., West Hartford, CT

I cannot say enough about the Excel team! If you are looking for a gym with zero bravado and top notch trainers this is it. I train with Jeff Roux and have not only lost 30 lbs but got my life back! Jeff is so knowledgeable when it comes to fitness, anytime my body tries to limit me Jeff always has an alternative,this leaves me feeling motivated and accomplished instead of defeated. I’ve also trained with Ilicia who was equally as AMAZING! Not only is the staff at Excel friendly and supportive the clientele is great. I highly recommend Excel if you are looking to get fit, stay fit, or step up your exercise regimen. THESE PEOPLE ROCK! with the help of Jeff and the Excel staff I now have motivation, energy and a life that has improved tremendously. I can move again 🙂

– Lynn C., Hartford, CT

We have just renewed for our third year at Excel Fitness. It works so well for us.

The club is efficient, well managed with excellent equipment and training should we need it. It is not some huge finger-in-the-socket disco hall but a steady, low-pressure, professional place where we can do our exercise and fitness routines in a comfortable atmosphere.
The people at Excel are deeply engaged in the community, which doesn’t do much for my fitness but emphasizes that they are a caring and committed crew. It’s even better that they do this because they want to, not because they see it as some gain for the center.They support cancer research, collect food for the needy, supplies for the urban schools and in many many ways demonstrate a citizenship that is important.
The prices are extremely reasonable; the fitness processes are smart and modern and tailored to the individual. They are nice people, and that means a lot to us.

– Dennis H., West Hartford, CT

Excel Fitness is an excellent gym and different from other gyms I have attended. If you are serious about getting into shape this is the gym for you. You don’t have to wait “forever” to use any of the equipment and there is no “fashion show” of the latest gym wear. The members and staff are all courteous and helpful.  The personal trainers are outstanding. They really care about their clients and are there to help you reach your fitness goals, whether you need to lose weight or tone up. I highly recommend this gym.

– Mary F., West Hartford, CT

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