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Testimonial for Excel Fitness by Kaitlyn Tarpey

Dear Shawn,

As a pageant girl I’ve attempted numerous diet and exercise regimes: Some great… some not so great. It’s imperative that I live a lifestyle promoting healthy habits, and I couldn’t seem to find the perfect niche. Working with you helped me find not only my inner-fitness-guru, but also the habits and workouts I needed to maintain my preferred body image.

You made sweating glamorous and kept me smiling through all my rigorous routines.  You kicked my butt into TOP shape and I felt like I had one of the most competitive swimsuit bodies at Miss Connecticut; I would not have made top ten without your help.  You not only were supportive in my preparation, you ensured I had the tools necessary to maintain this body for the rest of my life. I’m so proud to say that I’m at the same weight today- 4 months after Miss Connecticut- that I was the day of my swimsuit competition.  I would not be as healthy as I am today without you.

When I was crowned Miss Rocky Hill 2011, I was skeptical to have to drive to Excel from Stamford, CT but you ended up being worth every mile!  I’m so thankful for all of your tips and support through my journey and I can promise you I will be in touch not only for future events but also for everyday lifestyle questions.
All the best to you and everyone at Excel,

Kaitlyn Tarpey

Miss Rocky Hill 2011

Workout with Martha Price – Miss Hartford County

Miss Martha Price’s Workout Program

by Shawn O’Brien

This year I am working with Martha Price, Miss Hartford County, as she prepares to compete for Miss Connecticut this summer.  Miss Price has been coming to Excel Fitness every few weeks for a workout since she won Miss Hartford County.  As her trainer I helped her set some goals for her diet and exercise program.  I also helped her set some physical goals she wanted to see by Miss Connecticut this summer.  For more information on Excel Fitness visit us at www.excelfitnessct.com.

During our workout times we talk about nutritional changes, workout improvements, motivation and of course we get in some joking around.  She has been doing great.  She is getting stronger, leaner and realizes now with a few adjustments she can see greater success.  Here are a few exercises we threw into her workout a few weeks ago.  Enjoy.

Shawn O’Brien

Kate Returns to Excel Fitness for a Refresher

As some of you may have read Kate Ottavio’s Testimonial back on July 13th, 2010 after working with Excel Fitness‘s Shawn O’Brien, we have a follow-up segment for you.

Working with Ms. Ottavio during her preparation for Miss Connecticut Pageant back in the summer was a total success.  She had dropped 7% body fat in 6 weeks by following Mr. O’Brien’s guidelines.  Cardio when she could.  Followed the nutrition plan as best she could.  We talked about strength training changes to her program each week.

“I competed in the Miss CT Pageant and won the preliminary and overall swimsuit award and placed first runner-up in my first year with the Miss America Organization – and I feel fantastic.” Ms. Ottavio

Well months later: Kate has a new job, new apartment, new gym.  Life Changes Quickly.  We met up this weekend for a refresher on workouts, nutrition and program design.

Here is one of the exercises we worked into her current program.  As challenging as it is, it is very effective at increasing upper body strength, core conditioning, flexibility, hand strength and increasing cardiovascular conditioning.

Romanian T- Push-Ups

Do this exercise slowly with limited number of repetitions to start and slowly increase the number of repetitions first then add multiple sets.