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Congratulations to Melissa Romanaux from Team Excel Fitness

We first met Melissa in the fall of 2012 when she became a member at Excel Fitness with the hopes of improving her health and getting in shape. In just one season, Melissa has transformed from a petite, attractive, small-business owner, into a lean, powerful, body-building machine! 

Here’s what Melissa has to say about her experience and accomplishments:

“It was my first competition ever.  I started training just back in December 2012.  With change in diet and proper exercise I was able to be competition ready in a
short 5 months.  I am 42 and have a new lifestyle that I embrace.  I have another competition June 1st.”

“I compete in Figure and Fit Body.”

“I placed 3rd in Figure my very first time!  Very proud of my accomplishments and I want to help others achieve their goals through educating them about health and nutrition and about exercise.”

Melissa is co-owner of Planet Bark: 37 Darcy St. West Hartford, CT. Planet Bark offers pets of all sizes a chance to play and a comfortable stay! For more information please call (860) 882-1711.

A Thought for Today

We push our self everyday for work, but do we ever think about pushing
ourselves to lead a healthier lifestyle every day?

So today would be a
great day to begin our venture of leading a healthier lifestyle not
tomorrow not Monday, but today!
Think of when you were a baby and you started to crawl and then
standing and before you know it walking and than running. Why not go
for a walk and then before you know it you’re jogging than running.
Live for today not tomorrow!

By Andy Fazzina, CPT