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Calling All Runners! Come Try Our New Xebex Treadmills (For Free)

XEBEX Runner Curved Treadmills @

Want to run faster and stay injury-free?

Treadmills. Ugh! More like dreadmills, right? Well, if you’re not a fan of the typical indoor run on a typical motorized treadmill, but you still want to improve your running efficiency, then EXCEL FITNESS is here to help.  We have top of the line, self-propelled, Xebex Runner treadmills ready for you to use… for free. No need to be signed up for a HIIT class. Just bring in one of our postcards for a complimentary 2-week use of our gym and a 60-minute personal training session with one of our dedicated trainers.

EXCEL FITNESS is excited to help you improve your interval program and become a better runner in a comfortable environment. Running on a Xebex will help you burn approx. 30% more calories (compared to a regular treadmill).

“Xebex Runner is a non-motorized, self-generated, curved treadmill. Using no electricity, and instead running on the energy produced by the runner’s own movement on the treadmill. Beginners and competitors can run at desired speed and change output at will with no maximum or minimum speed setting.” – Xebex website

Find us at 589 New Park Ave in West Hartford ▪ www.excelfitnessCT.com

We are open M-F 7AM to 7 PM; Sat 8 AM to 2 PM; and Sun 9 AM to Noon

The Point of Fitness Part 2: The Workout

So, Kettlebells…

Now that I am a new Dad and spending more quality time at home, I’ve been shifting a lot of my fitness towards kettlebells, simply because they’re a lot more practical for home, saving both space and time.

The Turkish get up (or “get up”) is arguably one of the most effective functional movements out there you can do, and it’s perfect to do with a kettlebell. It looks deceptively simple, but even if you have a lightweight kettlebell, a dumbell, or even a cloth bucket with sand in it, you can make this work.


Remember, there is no “core” muscle. There are muscles throughout your body and people call the ones in the middle your “core”, which to me is strange. “Core strength” is up there with “tone” for nonsense fitness terms used by people who have been reading too many magazines.

Strength training builds muscle, builds bone, and makes you (duh) stronger. I could write paragraphs on why these are so important but I doubt I’ll convince anyone of anything; so instead, here’s my strength training program, every other day:

30 minutes, constantly looping through these will beat the crap out of you, or at least it beats the crap out of me. Start with the lighter bell, move up to heavy for the middle of the workout, then go back to medium as fatigue kicks in:

– 20 pushups or dips.
– 15  clean and jerks, each arm.
– 15  snatches, each arm.
– 15 single arm swings, each arm.
– 5 turkish get ups, each side.
– 5 wind mills, each side.
– 20 double arm swings.
– 10 single arm rows, TRX rows, or pull ups (preferably).

Conditioning is a little different, but fortunately I’ve got something else in my life right now that fits the bill and I enjoy doing. Every other day…


It takes patience and determination to “get your legs”, so to speak. Ask anyone who can run five miles enjoyably and they’ll tell you about how much it hurt in the beginning when they could barely run down the block. Once you get your legs, you don’t want to lose them. Running even once a week (in addition to all the other stuff) helps keep you in the game. There’s something about the beating it puts on your legs where if you don’t do it enough your body stops keeping you in shape to do it again, and there you are not being able to run down the block.

Please feel free to ask me or any one of our trainers any questions on kettlebells or running. We would be happy to spend some time showing you some of these exercises.

To schedule a consultation with Gary Maher or any of the Excel Fitness Personal Trainers please stop by the gym or call (860) 523-8167.




A Thought for Today

We push our self everyday for work, but do we ever think about pushing
ourselves to lead a healthier lifestyle every day?

So today would be a
great day to begin our venture of leading a healthier lifestyle not
tomorrow not Monday, but today!
Think of when you were a baby and you started to crawl and then
standing and before you know it walking and than running. Why not go
for a walk and then before you know it you’re jogging than running.
Live for today not tomorrow!

By Andy Fazzina, CPT

Matthew Knight’s Marathon Training Update

Marathon Update

by: Matthew Knight– B.S Exercise Science CSCS Personal Trainer at Excel Fitness

As many of you know I am currently training for a marathon in the Fall Season.  I have been training for about two months and my joints have definitely been taking a pounding running on the hard surface.  I have worked up to my longest run of 16 miles, running that distance I have found it to be more of a mental battle.  But I have pushed myself by running 8 miles out which leaves me no choice but to run 8 miles back.  I recently timed myself in the half marathon and completed it in 1 hour and 37 minutes which is about a 7 minute mile pace.  I figure that isn’t too bad considering 2 months ago I never ran more than a 5k.

In the past month I have also had a battle with maintaining my weight and muscular strength.  By completing a 16 mile run I am burning well over 2000 calories which is the average person’s calorie intake in a whole day.  Therefore I have increased my calorie and protein intake dramatically but it is still hard to keep up with my caloric expenditure.

Have any questions feel free to contact info@excelfitnessct.com or continue following my marathon progression on Excel Fitness’s Blog