Training for a Marathon? “How can I run faster?”

Training for a Marathon?  “How can I run faster?”

by: Shawn O’Brien

Many novice runners ask the question, “How can I run faster?”  The answer is, RUN FASTER!!!!

Most marathon and half marathon training schedules have 4 types of days: Pace Run, Tempo Run, Long Run and Cross-Training.  These days are meant for you to run different speeds and train different muscular movements each day.  These days don’t mean run the given mile distance the same speed for each day, for example the pace per mile on a Pace Day should be slower than the minute per mile time as the Tempo Run, and the Tempo Speed will be faster then the Long Run times per mile.  You will avoid injury and over-training if you can integrate the different speeds and strength programs to your training schedule

All of the days should have different speeds and most importantly you should incorporate speed conditioning into your workout, as well as strength training (Full body or Upper and Lower split routines work well).   For more information click on the key words in this article.

The below photos are a speed workout I would have a client go through, who is training for an endurance event, off-season sports conditioning or anyone looking to mix up their workout.  At Excel Fitness, this is an example of sprints and speed conditioning in a parking lot and using an agility ladder in-doors to work on form and coordination.

If you have any questions about your conditioning program I am open to questions.


1 thought on “Training for a Marathon? “How can I run faster?”

  1. Who’s the hot chick? Haha jk, but thanks for the kick in the butt Shawn! That workout, and the 5 mile run the following day at a “fast” pace, were probably the hardest ones I’ve done since I started training 2 months ago. You were right on about just moving my feet/pumping my arms faster…who’d have thought it’d come down to something that basic?

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