August 2014 Member Spotlight: Susan Balaban

Excel Fitness is honoring Susan Balaban for her dedication and commitment to health and fitness. Susan first came to Excel Fitness after pleading with her daughter, Excel Fitness trainer Ilicia Balaban for over three years to help motivate her to exercise and lose weight. Ilicia finally granted her mother’s request as a 70th birthday present, a gift that keeps on giving. Ilicia remarks, “My mom has good days and bad days but regardless she demonstrates incredible persistence and respect for her strengths and limitations. Even when she really doesn’t want to work out, she shows up on time for sessions and respects the professionalism of the trainer/trainee relationship. Working with my mother has proven to be one of my greatest challenges and most rewarding victories. I have witnessed incredible changes and improvements in both her confidence and quality of life!” 20140730_113804

Susan adds: I’ve had diabetes type II for 42 years and the nasty consequences of that disease for more than three decades. It has left me in pain most of the time and my flexibility, my balance and ambulatory abilities compromised. I don’t like to exercise so in the past I had periodic spurts of treadmill work and then long absences from the gym.

Four years ago, my daughter Ilicia became a licensed physical trainer and began working for a unique gym, Excel Fitness in West Hartford. I call it unique because Excel caters to a “mature clientele” with care and understanding of where they are in their physical health.

January 2013, Ilicia began training me at Excel. I walked in that day hanging on rather firmly to my cane. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and Ilicia’s gentle expertise, exuberant, spirited personality and radiant smile helps me to enjoy the experience and I keep coming back for more; NOW, without my cane.

Thank you Excel Fitness and Ilicia!

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