December 2016 Member Spotlight: SUSAN OMILIAN

Susan is the Project Director of Never Going Back to Abuse Project for Connecticut Alliance for Victims and Violence and Their Families, Inc., (CT-ALIVE), a non-profit organization which supports her free workshops and programs for women who have been abused. Her business is called the Thriver Zone, and she conducts free workshops and programs for women who have experienced abuse, helping them take the journey from victim to survivor to thriver.

Susan currently teaches fiction and non-fiction classes at West Hartford Adult Education Program and the senior centers in Manchester and South Windsor. She has also taught writing at Windsor Historical Society and Bristol Wellness Center.

She loves writing fiction, and we are excited to announce that her first novel will be published next spring!

I have always exercised to control my weight and now to manage stress. As I get older I find that weight training and stretching is good for me.

Heather has been a dream of a trainer. She keeps me motivated to come to weekly training. She has helped me to build my muscle strength and deal with recent auto accident injuries. I like how it feels after I do training with her.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline” ~ Napoleon Hill
I may never reach my dream weight and stay there, but having a fitness goal – like coming to train once a week – is important to keep me moving forward.


Susan is an attorney who practiced family and employment discrimination in the past. She worked for the CT state government for 11 years. Sue  also writes non-fiction books including legal books on sex discrimination  and the work she has done with women. She likes to travel (mostly doing it now to speak and present at  national and international conferences for her work).

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