Excel Fitness Welcomes Trainer Andy Fazzina

Andy Fazzina, N.A.S.M, C.P.T

My goal in life is to lead by example, but in order to lead you must learn how to follow. We all have choices to make every day and why not make a healthier choice by doing the right thing. The past is the past, but the choices we make today help us lead a better and full filling life style for tomorrow.


I’m an experienced Soccer coach of youth through college as well as a gymnastics coach.  Therefore I am well versed in working with one on one and small groups.  I also feel very comfortable working with the human body.  Through my experience and education, I am aware of proper biomechanics and am certified to work with all ages, young and old.


Brandford Hall Institute 2012


N.A.S.M (National Association of Sports Medicine)


Motivational Quote:

“Procrastination is the thief of tomorrow”

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