Exercising With Your Pets

Exercising With Your Pets

by – Deb Cappa-Kotulski, Excel Fitness Certified Personal Trainer


You probably already know how extremely important it is for your physical and mental well-being to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  If you are a pet owner you may not know that it is also very beneficial for your pet to exercise on a regular basis too.

As someone who is passionate about exercise and animals I noticed my cat, Sumatra, is starting to put on a few pounds.  I decided to do a little research on creative ways I could exercise with her. T here are several articles on the internet that encompass this subject, but the article I enjoyed reading the most was “Exercising Your Pet.

This article is very thorough and covers ways of exercising with a variety of animals and also covers the importance of taking safety precautions and consulting with your veterinarian when needed. You can use the exercise suggestions from this article as a guide and or come up with your own creative ways to exercise with your furry friend.

Even if you have never been an avid exerciser you will find that exercising with your pet will help you be more enthusiastic about exercising.

Here is a great and humorous video with Pet Exercises!!!! (click link) Workout your abs with a laugh from this video!!

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