July 2015: Member Spotlight: Ryan Bishop

I was an active, energetic but chubby child.

Being an Army brat my family moved around a lot (9 years in Germany). My mother was an awesome cook, baker, and interested in local cuisines; I found myself eating great, but fattening food regularly.  It was not until I went away to college that I drastically changed my eating habits and started strength training. Ryan Bishop pic

My energy level and stamina increased and I enjoyed a better sense of well being.  I became addicted to snow skiing and spent every spare minute on the slopes.

Fast forward a few decades, I now have less and less time to enjoy outside activities due to career changes and my knees suffered from the continuous impact of skiing.  Mother Nature finally caught up with me so I once again found myself spending more time at the gym.

I have a long daily commute from West Hartford to Groton for a stressful, demanding job which is one of the reasons you will see me working out at Excel at least 6 days per week.  Keeping fit and eating right helps to keep me “centered” during the week.

I’ve been a member of Excel since they first opened & cannot imagine going elsewhere.  Excel continues to provide a friendly, inviting and pleasant environment with helpful, knowledgeable staff and courteous members.

I turn 60 this year and thanks to Excel I’m feeling better than ever.

Ilicia Balaban, C.P.T. adds “Ryan is an invaluable member of the Excel Fitness community. His commitment to physical fitness is continuously inspiring; even when Ryan is visibly exhausted, he’s at the gym, going through his routine, and sticking to his goals. Moreover, Ryan is naturally enthusiastic, friendly with our other members, and helpful to the staff and clientele alike. He is truly an asset to team Excel Fitness. Congratulations Ryan and keep up the good work!”

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