June 2014 Member Spotlight: James Malcom

James Malcom first came to Excel Fitness seeking to lose weight, build strength, and get in shape for an upcoming vacation. Initially, James joined our small-group training classes and immediately took to a vigorous cardiovascular and strength based routine. After several months, James decided to invest in one-on-one personal training under the direction of Excel Fitness trainers Zac and Ilicia. Today, he is able to jump higher, run faster, and exudes confidence with every step he takes. James TRX and BOSU

James has demonstrated unfailing commitment and determination to achieve his goals and that is why he is being honored as June’s Excel Fitness Spotlight Member. We are extremely proud of the work and dedication James has shown throughout personal training sessions and in his solo workouts as well. James commitment to clean eating is also deserving of commendation. James has proven time and time again to be an exemplary client and member of the Excel Fitness community. Congratulations!

James has the following to say about his experience at Excel Fitness: I want to take this time to thank you for your help in getting me in shape for summer.  It has been a fantastic journey for me, which I began last summer.  I have worked out with both Ilicia and Zach.  They have been tremendous in supporting me through my journey.

I started out weighing about 192 lbs at 32 % body fat.  As of today, I’m down to 174 lbs and most important for me, 18 % body fat.  My goal before the end of July 2014: 159 lbs at less than 10 % body fat-an awesome goal!  In addition, I feel awesome physically; I also feel better about my appearance.

I want to especially take the time to thank Zach for his expertise, know-how, flexibility and, most of all, patience.  Thanks, Zach for helping me on my journey.

I also need to add that the environment here at Excel Fitness has been conducive to help me achieve my goals. The atmosphere is low-key; everyone is focused on their workouts.  People are friendly and I know many on a first-name basis.  Most importantly, the trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. I’ve worked out at many local gyms and I’ve never encountered as friendly a group of trainers as I have here at Excel Fitness; I genuinely mean this. Zach, let’s get ready to rock the summer of 2014!


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