June 2015: Member Spotlight: Judy Nellen

Judy Nellen picJudy states, “Exercise has always been a part of my life. I am a person that keeps on the move! In recent years I have made sure to do something every day—tennis, walking, hiking, gardening, biking—and of course meet with the trainers at Excel Fitness.”

She continues on to explain, “I Joined Excel Fitness in September of 2009. I had previously been a member at a gym in West Hartford Center as well as a Curves and a Jazzercise enthusiast. Matt Knight was my first trainer at Excel Fitness; we worked together for approximately two years. I have worked with Heather Claflin-Coy for the past four years (following Matt’s departure) and can happily report she has been wonderful for me! She continuously encourages me to do more—heavier weights, balance, and flexibility. All of the exercises the Team Excel Fitness Trainers have recommended for me have proven to be important for a woman of my age and ability; the strength training and support I receive at Excel Fitness allows me to continue to do the activities I love to do in my daily life. Excel Fitness is a friendly and convenient location where I feel comfortable exercising!”

Excel Fitness Trainer and Fitness Director, Heather Claflin-Coy adds, “Judy is incredibly active in the greater Hartford community. She volunteers at the West Hartford Food Bank and participates in garden and tennis clubs. The team of trainers at Excel Fitness nominated Judy to by the June ’15 spotlight member of the month as a result of her unwavering commitment to her health and wellness as well as that of others. Judy’s determination to continue biking, hiking, and the other social activities she enjoys is truly inspiring. The improvements she’s made with regard to posture, balance, and stability since training at Excel will ensure that she maintains her current quality of life.”

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