Lawrence “Larry” Fischer, Customer Service Representative

Education and Experience:

B.S., Rider University, New Jersey

Aetna Insurance, Customer Service Representative, 33+ yearsLarry Elip Vert

Ambassador Limousine, Vice President of Sales

Interim Health Care, Homemaker/Companion

Motivation for Fitness:

Larry enjoys working out at Excel Fitness six days per week. His workouts emphasize cardiovascular endurance, strength training, flexibility, and balance exercises. He suffers from an arthritic condition that causes joint inflammation and pain. However, Larry has overcome this otherwise disabling condition with exercise and good nutrition; in doing so, he has avoided needing medication. Larry feels an emotional attachment to Excel Fitness and states that, “No other exercise facility in the Hartford area can compare to Excel Fitness with regard to cleanliness, the expertise of the Excel Fitness trainers, equipment maintenance, and a the friendly atmosphere one experiences there.”


Larry has coached little league baseball, softball, and basketball. He recently was recognized as the Excel Fitness Spotlight Member for June 2014 as a result of his unwavering commitment to his health, fitness and his invaluable presence within the Excel Fitness community!

Health Related Quote:

“Overcome arthritis with daily exercise and diet! ”


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