Making Change Involves Making Changes

Motivational Guidance

By: Shawn O’Brien, Excel Fitness

Every get stuck on a plateau with something you are doing, either physically or mentally? 

What is stopping you from getting different/better results?   The Answer…….

Well if it were that simple you would be buying my book not reading this blog (I am working on something for the future, so watch out).

Questions about weight loss plateaus were posed by a few people today.  Regardless of what the objective is:   The true foundation of change and seeing results comes from the mental decision to see change and follow through with the accomplishment. 

My answer for getting out of Plateaus:

Give extra effort, Be consistent, Do the things successful people do and most importantly, Be accountable. 

I challenge all of you to make a 3 month goal and stick to it.  Achieving any accomplishment never gets old.


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