March 2016: Member Spotlight: Tom Hine

Tom Hine puts a lot of value on his health as evidenced by his faithfully going to the gym almost every day to get on the bike for 45 minutes. His orthopedic issues (replacement knee and two rebuild shoulders) and his stroke don’t hinder him from pedaling away while watching the news on TV. He was diagnosed with diabetes last month and, being the positive person that he is, he is more motivated than ever to maintain his active lifestyle. He understands that with better food choices and portion control, exercising daily will help keep his weight and sugar level down, and hopefully prevent him from taking insulin. Being strong and healthy also allows him to enjoy his other passions including traveling the world with his wife and visiting his children and grandchildren in California and New Jersey. Photography is one of his hobbies that he enjoys while traveling. The picturesque cities of Europe and the splendid beaches of Mexico and the Cape are often featured in his photography. Tom retired in 2011 after having taught 7th grade English in West Hartford for 42 years.

This month’s featured member joined in 2009 and sees himself going to Excel for as long he can. Tom thinks it’s wonderful how our members are very friendly and fun to talk to. He commends our staff for being polite and helpful. We asked Tom what advice he would give to those looking to get started on an exercise regimen and he has this to say: “Don’t increase your workout too fast, especially for people my age (he will turn 70 in November). Listen to your body, and increase gradually so you don’t hurt yourself.”

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