May 2015: Member Spotlight: Sandra Morgan

I was first inspired to get into shape when fitness testing at an adult sports camp in 1991 reported I was “flexible but obese.” Following camp (, I began to exercise regularly and tried to improve every year on one of the many testing dimensions. I never thought I’d have a trainer, but it seemed the next step …when my first gym closed, my membership transferred to Excel Fitness, and I discovered a new “home.” I call Excel my no-Spandex gym where we come to exercise, not to impress. sandy morgan pic

I’d looked at several other gyms and been turned off by their heavy sales approach and promises of 2 inches and 10 pound losses in a few weeks, plus a smoothie bar where I could meet people. They weren’t a good match for me; I wasn’t going to the gym for a quick fix and socializing, but for the long term. My goal was, and still is, to stay strong, flexible and fit as I age so I can enjoy outdoors activities such as hiking and kayaking. Indoor activity also benefits from my training; my balance and flexibility are essential now as I constantly am up and down from the floor with my 8-month-old granddaughter.

I really like working with two trainers, each with a different style and approach (and set of jokes). Ilicia and Jeff both push me and motivate me in their own ways, and my body appreciates the varied activities and focus. They have helped me recover strength and mobility after a rotator cuff injury from a ski accident. I work harder with their support than I ever would on my treadmill at home—I need that extra push. Thank you, Team Excel Fitness!!

Jeff Roux, C.P.T., and owner of Excel Fitness adds, “Sandy has been a challenging client to work with. Her active lifestyle, world traveling, and humanitarianism have led to some unfortunate injuries. Nevertheless, she is always upbeat and dedicated to working towards her fitness goals. She sees the value in strengthening her total body and working on her flexibility daily. She really gets the big picture and is a wonderful person.”

“Sandy is truly inspiring to work with. No matter what the exercise, she is always willing to give it her all and self-advocates when a modification is necessary. Effective communication is the name of the game for trainers and their clientele; Sandra exceeds my expectations every single session by pushing herself to meet the demands of VERY challenging exercises while understanding that if her body says, “NO!” we can always adapt the movement to accommodate. I look forward to our continued work together! Congratulations Sandy!”

-Ilicia Balaban, C.P.T., Director of Marketing

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