We are exceptionally excited to announce the start of our All Access group classes at Excel Fitness! These classes will be unique to the area in many ways:

1. Our classes are not traditional start/stop on the hour time slots. They will be blocks of ongoing circuits two and half hours long. Each 30 minute circuit has 9 stations which includes an active warm-up and full body workout.
2. Each station’s exercise will have three variations to accommodate beginners and special needs all the way to expert athletes.
3. Classes will be thoughtfully planned out in advance and will keep to weekly themes including balance, strength, tempo, iso and unilateral movement patterns, etc.
4. Trainers have the education and experience you have known to love and expect at Excel Fitness.

In a nutshell, Excel All Access Classes are:

• Circuits that can be completed in 30 minutes burning up to 500 calories per time through. The circuit can be repeated if desired.
• Certified Personal Trainers will instruct and motivate you through the circuit. A buzzer will notify the class when it’s time to move to the next station. Each station will have a beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for that exercise making it easier for every fitness level to get a great workout and have fun!
• Ongoing throughout the designated time. Show up at any time during the period and begin. You are never late for a class because a new circuit begins approximately every 3 minutes.
• F-U-N! Most circuit stations can be done with a friend or a partner, making it more exciting!

Class hours:
Morning sessions are 7:00 to 9:30 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 8:30-11:00 Saturday.
Evening sessions are 5:00 to 7:30 PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Class Rates(Unlimited Visits): Bring a friend during the Free Trial Period!
Member and active training clients: $40.00 per month.
Non members: $65.00 per month.

Compare that to local classes offered at $100-$200/month.

For any questions, call the gym at: 860-523-8167 or e-mail:

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