April Member Spotlight: Larry Fischer

Larry Fischer is 67 years old and has had arthritis in all of his joints since the early 1990’s. He was on the injection medicine Humira for approximately 10 years but a change to his pharmacy prescription plan made his medication unaffordable.  He chose instead to challenge and beat the arthritis by upgrading his exercise program and improving his diet. Larry works out at Excel Fitness six days per week. Three days consist of cardiovascular training, abdominal strengthening, and total body stretching for approximately 60-75 minutes. The other three days consist of weight training, cardio, abdominal strengthening, and total body stretching for approximately 90-minutes. Larry believes his greatest strength is his core. He does at least 250 repetitions for his core daily using the medicine and bosu balls, weights, and slanted pad equipment. Larry also does floor exercises to improve his core strength. Larry Elip Vert

Team Excel Fitness has chosen to highlight Larry for the month of April as the first in our series of Member Spotlights. Larry is tirelessly dedicated to his exercise and dietary routines. Additionally, he is always happy to help out around the gym when needed, consistently walks in with a huge smile, going out of his way to greet other members as well as our training staff, and never hesitates to ask for assistance in perfecting his form or adding new exercises to his repertoire. Larry is a superb example of the immense benefits that come with positivity and dedication to health and fitness.

Larry insists that Excel Fitness is, “the nicest and most professional fitness center he has ever joined or even visited (while on vacation).”  He continued on to list the following reasons why he is thoroughly impressed with the facilities and staff at Excel Fitness:

  1. The trainers at Excel Fitness are thoroughly committed to enhancing the strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance of their clients and members. Excel Fitness trainers provide their clients with a wide variety of interesting and effective exercises!
  2. The philosophy of the club is to promote a healthier lifestyle which includes a proper diet. Excel Fitness holds annual “Our Biggest Loser” contests to promote weight loss. These contests are encouraging, friendly-spirited, and offer clients additional information on health and fitness to support their goals.
  3. The entire facility from the free-weight floor, to the bathrooms, and all of the equipment is scrupulously maintained and always spotless.
  4. Excel Fitness offers a friendly atmosphere and great camaraderie among the members and the trainers. In fact, Excel is a great place to form new friendships.
  5. Excel Fitness displays a strong effort to reach out the community by holding food drives, charity events and donating to local non-profit fundraisers.  Events hosted by Excel Fitness are put on with a great deal of class.
  6. Jeff Roux, owner, hires trainers and massage therapists with extensive backgrounds and professional degrees in the fitness field. Jeff meets with his staff on an ongoing basis to address their concerns and ensure they are knowledgeable regarding recent developments in exercise science.

Larry concluded his assessment of Excel Fitness saying, “Each and every day I can’t wait to get into the gym. I’m winning the battle against my arthritis and this, in large part is due to the fact that I have the opportunity to exercise in a facility that I love to be a part of.”

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