November 2015: Member Spotlight: Vic D’Occhio

Vic D'Occhio picI’ve always been a very active and high energy type of guy.  Although I started going to the gym later in my life, I met Jeff almost 10 years ago.  I started training with him at Bally’s in West Hartford and later followed him when he opened Excel Fitness.  I have been training for many years now, and I have to say, that I’m in the best shape of my life!

I’ve also been training with Pat now for the past year.  Pat and Jeff have motivated me and continue to challenge me with our workouts.  I am exceeding my goals and continue to gain muscle and endurance!   I currently train three days per week now and couldn’t be happier!  I feel healthier, stronger and empowered, and working out relieves a lot of stress for me.  I know that I can achieve anything and overcome any obstacle. I look forward to the future and my continued training sessions.

My Mother who is 84 years old and had a recent back injury is also training at Excel with Heather.   Heather has helped her in so many ways.  My mom has more energy, her flexibility has improved, and she is feeling younger every day!

THANK YOU to all the Excel Fitness Staff!

Excel Fitness trainer, Pat Marcucci adds, “I have worked with Vic for over a year. Since that time he has put on approximately 15 lbs of muscle! He can do 25 consecutive pull-ups and can do a single pull-up with 90lbs attached! He can squat 225 lbs and can deadlift almost 300! Vic can also do single arm dumbbell rows with 100lb dumbbells. Vic is one of the hardest working people I have ever trained. Nothing is ever too challenging for him and he inspires everyone including myself with his work ethic!!!

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