September 2015: Member Spotlight: Ritch and Annette Cable

Since 1998, when we decided to get more active, we’ve taken a variety of fitness classes at other organizations including strength training and aerobics, besides walking daily. As we have aged we felt we needed a more focused, individualized approach to fitness. We signed up at Excel Fitness in the summer of 2012 after seeing an introductory offer for personal training and speaking with owner, Jeff Roux. Since then Excel has shown us they welcome all no matter the age or ability. There is no sense of intimidation in the gym and everyone seems to feel comfortable working out there. Cable Pic

Ilicia Balaban became our trainer; the first and only one-on-one fitness professional we have ever worked with.  Our first request was to work on core strength as we were going to be Zip Lining on a cruise and would have to be able keep our knees up for an extended time. Thanks to Ilicia we had a great time! Since then she has challenged, pushed, and encouraged us to be stronger and to try exercises we never thought we could do. With the birth of our first grandchild in 2013 she’s developed routines that promote the functional strength and endurance that we need to play and care for him. Throughout the years Ilicia has been with us we have appreciated her flexibility in scheduling and her attention to our surgeries, injuries and aches as she plans and adapts each week’s workout. Throughout it all her sense of humor and genuine caring make every session positive and rewarding!

Ilicia Balaban, C.P.T. adds, “I have enjoyed the Cable’s candid honesty and willingness to try anything since our very first meeting in June of 2012. Annette came in to training with lower back and knee concerns; Ritch with some knee but mostly shoulder issues. Their ability to communicate their individual experience of various exercises coupled with consistent motivation to ‘try something new’ made it easy for me to design routines that benefit both persons while accounting for their opposing limitations. The positivity, lightheartedness, kindness, and commitment the Cable’s have demonstrated throughout our training sessions as well as outside of the gym (they haven’t missed a birthday card yet) make working with the couple a joy and pleasure. Keep up the great work Ritch and Annette!!!”

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