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Healthy Eating Cost vs. Quality

Healthy Eating Presentation to Circles of Meriden Weekly Meeting

Shawn O’Brien, Co-Owner of Excel Fitness in West Hartford, CT, was invited to speak on August, 5th 2010 and donate a healthy meal to a local community group, Circles of Meriden.  This discussion was geared to healthy eating options with the expected high cost associated with “good food,” good food choices for a healthy lifestyle, portion control of food and benefits of exercise.

A meal for the group was donated and prepared by Shawn to show how you can eat healthfully and keeping the cost of the meal low.  The shopping, preparation and clean up time was done in less than two hours.


Mr. O’Brien purchased:

  • Instant Brown Rice for under $4
  • Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast 3lbs for $1.99/lb for $6
  • Large bag of mixed vegetables for under $2.
  • The total cost of this meal was $12 and made 15 servings.
  • Each serving was approximately 1/2 cup of rice, 3 oz. of grilled chicken and 1/3 cup of veggies = under 300 calories.
  • This meal is high in complex carbohydrates, rich in vitamins from the frozen vegetables and sufficient amount of lean protein from the boneless/skinless chicken breast.

Feed your family on a budget with choosing healthy options and portion sizes.   If you have better foods in your cart at the store you will feel better and have greater energy levels.