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Workout with Martha Price – Miss Hartford County

Miss Martha Price’s Workout Program

by Shawn O’Brien

This year I am working with Martha Price, Miss Hartford County, as she prepares to compete for Miss Connecticut this summer.  Miss Price has been coming to Excel Fitness every few weeks for a workout since she won Miss Hartford County.  As her trainer I helped her set some goals for her diet and exercise program.  I also helped her set some physical goals she wanted to see by Miss Connecticut this summer.  For more information on Excel Fitness visit us at www.excelfitnessct.com.

During our workout times we talk about nutritional changes, workout improvements, motivation and of course we get in some joking around.  She has been doing great.  She is getting stronger, leaner and realizes now with a few adjustments she can see greater success.  Here are a few exercises we threw into her workout a few weeks ago.  Enjoy.

Shawn O’Brien