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Testimonial – Deby Van Ohlen

March 21, 2011

To: Excel Fitness (www.excelfitnessct.com)

Attention:  Matthew Knight as My Trainer

I checked out Excel Fitness due to recommendations from people I trust.  I joined the gym due to the atmosphere and the qualifications of the owners and trainers;  I am an active participant because of Matt Knight, my personal trainer.

I am now in the best shape and lowest weight that I have been in since high school.  I feel that this success is directly attributable to my work with Matt.  He is extremely knowledgeable about exercise physiology and is able to easily adapt exercises and customize the workout to my needs and issues (such as elbow tendonitis, arthritic wrist, etc.).  He approaches the sessions with encouragement, humor, and a desire to see you always improve.  Along with his exercise expertise, Matt takes the time to know you so that he is able to push you to the point of optimal results without injury.  He also explains why he is having you do the different types of workouts which make the session make more sense.  As a massage therapist, I have been able to share several of the stretches Matt has shown me with my clients.

I have recommended several of my friends and clients to Matt and they all concur with my high opinion of him.  Matt is a real asset to the gym and I am extremely happy to have him as my trainer.


Deby Van Ohlen