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Rugged Maniac Circuit Training

By Chris Caruso, CPT

I am planning to participate in a Rugged Maniac 5k this September. I have never had much interest in running anything more than a 100 meter sprint, but this particular race involves a dirt bike track full of obstacles that have to be climbed, sprinted, crawled or jumped through. I am pretty excited to try this 5k obstacle course. To prepare for the varied demands of the race, I’ve designed a series of training circuits that I will work through from now until the September. Below is the first circuit for weeks 1-2.


Complete the circuit period, followed by the recovery period, then repeat. If you have not done this kind of activity for a while, shoot for 2-3 repetitions of the total program per session. If you are active make 5 the goal. Repeat 2-3 days per week. Begin the series with a 3-5 min light warm up and core activation exercise, finish with stretching and foam roll all muscle groups. Drink plenty of water before, during and after.


  • 30 seconds light jogging, skipping rope or jogging/punching
  • 10 pushups, moderate pace
  • 10 squats, moderate pace
  • Bear walk x 2- walking on hands and feet. Go for around 20 feet. Keep feet flat, butt down a little. Face forward to start; at each turn, rotate so that you move sideways or backwards for the next stretch.
  • 30 seconds moderate jogging, skipping rope or jogging/punching
  • Pull ups x 5, moderate pace
  • Multi-directional lunges, x 3, moderate pace. Forward lunge, side lunge, turning lunge, switch legs and repeat = 1 set.
  • Explosive pushups, x 5-10. Go down with control, and then explosively push back up so that hands leave the floor and elbows are straight.
  • 5 Burpees, explosive pace
  • Sprint 20 feet, x 4
  • Chin ups x 5, best pace with control (modify according to ability)
  • 20 abdominal crunches
  • Check your pulse, record it

Recovery period: 2-3 min

  • Drink some water
  • Single leg balance reach, x 2 per leg, with best control
  • Wobble board for 30 seconds, alternate single leg
  • Bosu ball/balance disk step ups w/ knee lift for 30 seconds, best control
  • Check your pulse, record it

Start over at the Activity Phase. Time yourself and compare completion times (not counting warm-up and stretching), as well as your keep track of heart rates at the end of the activity phase and at the recovery phase.

For more information on sport specific training or getting in shape for any kind of race please schedule a complementary consultation and fitness assessment with one of our certified personal trainers!!!