Taking the Guess Work Out of Dieting

I am a serial dieter. For me, exercise, even intense sweaty butt kicking sore for days exercise is not enough to maintain my desired weight.  Over the past year I gained 10lbs to which I credit stress and a lack of care with my eating.  With summer right around the corner I decided it was time to buckle down and get back to the lifestyle (I say lifestyle and not diet because there is nothing temporary about healthy eating habits) that I know works for me. My goal: lose 15lbs by my birthday.  The cornerstone of my program: Logging!

I have been a calorie logger for years. So much so that I can tell you the calorie count in most foods off the top of my head. I continue to log because it keeps me accountable. Every piece of food that goes in my mouth as a graze through my day is added to my log. This may seem overwhelming to some at first but I have found that there is nothing more motivating and empowering then truly being in control of how and what I eat. Keeping my numbers (calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats) in check makes me feel like I’m running the program rather than being a slave to my diet.

Logging also gives me an opportunity to plan the next days food the night before. I allow myself 1200 calories and try to plan out at least 800 of them before I start my day so that I don’t find myself reaching for something unhealthy because suddenly I’m starving. Planning as such also gives me a little wiggle room every day for that random unintentional snack.  I am three weeks in to my new program and have already lost 8lbs. Im feeling better, more in control and definitely happier with myself. Dieting gets a bad rap; its often associated with deprivation but it doesn’t have to be. Eating better in conjunction with your exercise routine and tracking how, what and when you eat should be empowering and confidence building!  For more information or advice on logging programs see Ilicia at Excel Fitness.

By Ilicia Balaban, CPT

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