Welcome ReRun Shoes!!!

Excel Fitness is proud to welcome ReRun Shoes to our gym. ReRun is a “social enterprise with an environmental mission, committed to sustainable development.”  They take donations of used shoes (all varieties)  and send them to different countries in Africa where they are refurbished by local micro-entrepreneurs and brought to market at affordable prices. ReRun thereby diverts reusable shoes from ending up in North American landfills while also supporting the developing economies of countries such as Mali, Guinea and Liberia.

Beginning in June, Excel Fitness will be housing a ReRun Shoe Box where members can deposit old shoes that would otherwise be thrown away.  There is no obligation, just an opportunity to do something to help the environment and support less fortunate peoples. As the box fills up, we will be sending the shoes back to ReRun headquarters to be distributed overseas. The plan is to keep going as long as our members are supporting the project by bringing in old shoes. For more information on the program please visit: http://www.rerunshoes.com/ or for information on Excel Fitness participation talk to Ilicia.


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