Health and Nutrition Coaching

To offer you more comprehensive wellness options, Excel Fitness has teamed up with Certified Health Coach Samantha Forbes to help you achieve your optimal state of wellness because health is SO much more than exercise. Sam Forbes Pic

For example: You’re working your butt off out there in the gym and eating well but you’re still not satisfied with your progress or are not reaching your goals. Or, you know what you should be eating but you can’t quite get it together to take the necessary steps. This is where Samantha comes in.

In addition to being a Certified Health Coach she is also an experienced licensed mental health therapist who has helped many attain positive behavior change. She understands that your health is impacted by so many factors including food, environment, family, stress and the dizzying amount of information we are flooded with around food and lifestyle.

Come meet her, ask your own questions and also learn the answers to basic questions such as:

  • What is a health coach anyway? What isn’t it?
  • Why do people need health coaches?
  • What are the benefits to having a health coach?
  • How could a health coach benefit me?

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